Advanced, Proprietary Technology

Solara has pioneered the use of advanced pharmaceutical development in the nutraceutical industry. From great-tasting, fast-melting tablets to advanced encapsulated formulations, Solara's team of pharmacists creates differentiated products for a select group of innovative brands, allowing them to bring unique offerings to today's choosy, health-oriented consumer.

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From Idea to Retail Shelves

Our advanced R&D and formulating capabilities help our customers achieve differentiated positions in the market. We take ideas and turn them into finished products ready to stand out on retail shelves, E-Commerce sites, and in national Direct Marketing campaigns.

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Advanced Quality Standards

Solara's roots in the pharmaceutical industry position us as a leader in GMP compliance to FDA guidelines. Our ingredients are screened and selected for maximum safety and efficacy. Finished product manufacturing occurs at our advanced production lab here in the USA.

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  • Research

    Research Private Label Vitamins
    SOLARA’s Management Team has more than 50 years combined experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. We provide expertise for new product development projects, perform feasibility studies, create product prototypes, conduct stability assessments,...
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  • Formulation

    Custom Formulation
    Nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations require not only scientific knowledge but also the art of formulation expertise, and Solara, Inc. has one of the best teams in the field. Our team has the...
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  • Manufacturing

    Private Label Supplements Manufacturing
    SOLARA manufactures private label vitamins, supplements and nutraceutical products in their South Florida facility. Our Operations Team has deep expertise in the handling and manufacturing of nutraceutical products. All manufacturing procedures are conducted...
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