Fast-Melting Tablets

Solara is the creator of the first full line of “fast-melting” tablets for the nutraceutical market. These tablets dissolve easily in the mouth without chewing or water and are formulated for great taste, which are perfect for children, the elderly, and anyone who does not enjoy swallowing conventional tablets or pills. Many active ingredients are a fit for the technology, including vitamins, minerals, and select botanicals and extracts.

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Capsules and Tablets

Capsules and CapletsSolara’s team of pharmacists work to create advanced formulations using ingestible capsules and tablets.  Our research scientists have created complex formulations that differentiate our customer’s products, resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty from today’s choosy consumer.

Our boutique customers continue to return for Solara and refer to us as their “trusted R&D arm” to obtain new product ideas and formulations that stand out, even with these commoditized delivery systems.

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Chewable Tablets

Chewable tabletsOur chewable tablet technology (Smooth Chews™) produces pleasant-tasting tablets designed to disintegrate smoothly in the mouth with or without chewing. Our chewable tablets have a slightly longer disintegration times than our ODTs (EZ MELTS®), with the same smooth mouth feel and availability for absorption. Along with our taste masking capabilities, this delivery technology can help with the administration of large tablets to children and adults who have difficulty swallowing whole tablets or other traditional solid dosage forms.

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Bulk Powders

pomagrante_powder__82751.1413924682.1280.1280Solara also formulates and manufactures bulk powders for reconstitution and/or mixing.  Examples are green powders (wheatgrass, spinach, kale, etc), fruit and vegetable blends, protein powders, branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs), and electrolyte blends.  These can be packaged into jars with a serving scoop or into customized packaging depending on the desired configuration.  Solara’s expertise in taste-masking and managing challenging formulations result in products with superior taste, dissolution, and overall consumer experience.

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Controlled Release Tablets

Controlled Release TabletsSOLARA LABS has developed a wide range of formulation techniques that can modulate and sustain the delivery of the components from the nutraceutical dosage form. Formation of soluble, erodible and insoluble matrices has been designed to release the nutrients in a predetermined manner over an extended and/or controlled period from the dosage form. Certain microencapsulation techniques are also available to achieve a desired release or taste masking rate profile. This latest technique has been frequently utilized to mask the taste of quite bitter substances. There are many types of Controlled Release formulations that Solara has developed, including Sustained Release (where the active component is delivered over a specific period of time, Modulated Release (where the active components can be delivered over different periods of time, Immediate Release (where the active components are released almost immediately upon swallowing, and Delayed Release (where the release of the active components are delayed).

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Sublingual TabletsOur private label of Mini-Tablets are uncoated tablets designed to gradually dissolve when placed in the mouth. At SOLARA LABS, we manufacture a wide array of water and fat-soluble vitamins and nutritional supplements as mini-tablets, which can be placed in the oral cavity, where they can slowly erode or dissolve promptly with a pleasant taste and creamy feeling. An ideal balance between disintegration with residence time in the oral cavity can be achieved based on the customer requirements to maximize the effect and smoothness of the formula.

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Other Capabilities:



Lozenges ManufacturingSOLARA LABS’ lineup of private label nutraceutical delivery formats includes lozenges. Lozenges are usually solid tablets that dissolve at a slow controlled rate and/or can be sucked in the mouth. In this type of composition the active ingredients will reside and be exposed in the oral cavity for a predetermined period of time. This delivery technology is frequently used for cold and throat OTC preparations, but it can be used in a variety of nutraceutical applications where a more local or sustained effect is required. When combined with our comprehensive range of custom formulation and taste masking capabilities, it can result in a highly differentiated product.

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