Custom Formulation

Custom FormulationNutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations require not only scientific knowledge but also the art of formulation expertise, and Solara Inc. has one of the best teams in the field. Our team has the reputation and credentials to develop and scale-up difficult to formulate products to reach commercial market levels. Our R&D Team focuses on product formulation to meet all safety requirements, proven efficacy, regulatory compliance and performance.

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Custom Formulation Experts

At SOLARA, our expertise in custom formulation development is a critical differentiator. Our custom formulation team will help you identify the right mix of ingredients and the optimal delivery system for your nutritional products. Whether you need capsules, tablets, fast melting tablets, chewables, controlled release, fast melting crystals, etc., we can formulate it for you. Our formulation process is sistematically analyzed, controlled and tested to ensure product effectiveness and nutrient absorption. Our formulas contain quality ingredients sourced from some of the top suppliers in the World.

Custom Formulation Services

Our custom formulation services include, among others:

  • Custom formula development
  • Dosage form development
  • Immediate release formulation
  • Controlled release formulation
  • Sublingual formula development
  • Chewable dosage form development
  • Orally dissolving dosage form development

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