Export Documentation

export-documentation-newWe assist our international clients – importers, traders, distributors, and wholesalers – in preparing the export certificates, as well as providing guidance for complying with the foreign country’s laws and regulations. If you need to import private label nutritional products, vitamins or nutraceuticals from a GMP manufacturer in the USA, SOLARA is your best choice.

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Export Support Services

At SOLARA, we know that every country faces a different set of regulations when it comes to importing vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals from the USA. We can not only assist you in understanding what those regulations mean to you in terms of the necessary export documentation, but also how it can affect your product’s formulation, packaging and labeling requirements. We have ample experience exporting to North America, Latin America, the Caribbean,Europe, Asia and the Middle East and are ready to provide you with export certificates, certificates of free sale, supporting research literature, and anything else you may need to meet regulatory requirements.

International Distribution Opportunities

We are actively looking for international partners interested in developing a market for our line of nutritional supplements and vitamins outside of the US. If you are an international distributor or retail chain, we would like to discuss potential partnership opportunities with you. We are looking for potential partners with a solid local network, strong knowledge of their local markets and regulations, and proven experience with related health and nutrition products.

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