Supplements and Vitamins Packaging

SOLARA provides both in-house packaging and turn-key packaging solutions for its clients. With a strong packaging expertise, SOLARA can design and produce packaging components that protect the sensitive product technologies, and provides for high quality appearance and safety. These sophisticated packaging capabilities make our customers’ product a good aesthetic appeal, and gives them high perceived value in the marketplace.
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Quality Packaging Services

Our packaging services utilize quality materials that will not contaminate your product and preserve the bioavailability of the ingredients of your supplements, vitamins and nutraceutical products. Quality packaging should be strong, impact-resistant and be able to withstand transit and storage. Furthermore, your product’s packaging should not allow the permeation of light, gas and moisture, as many ingredients lose their stability when exposed to these elements. SOLARA will work with you to ensure that the type of packaging that is most suitable to your product can be selected keeping in mind the characteristics previously mentioned as well as appearance and marketability.

Packaging Solutions

SOLARA offers a variety of packaging solutions for vitamins, supplements and OTC drugs, which include:

  • Bottle packaging
  • Boxing
  • Blister packaging
  • Cap sealing
  • Child resistant packaging
  • Jar packaging
  • PET bottle packaging
  • Pouch packaging
  • Probiotic packaging
  • Powder dose packaging
  • Stick packs
  • Strip packaging

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