Taste Masking

taste-masking-newFactors such as appearance, taste, and aroma are important considerations for consumers when ingesting an oral form of supplements or vitamins. A good flavor profile can positively influence consumer preference and regimen compliance. At SOLARA, we are experts at formulating pleasant tasting nutritional products to “mask” undesirable odors or taste and meet your customers’ consumption requirements. Add just the right amount of flavoring while keeping the efficacy of your formula.

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Taste Masking Experts

At SOLARA, we specialize in innovative delivery methods such as our popular EZ Melts® Oral Disintegrating Tablets as well as an assortment of chewable, sublingual and alternative formats. Good taste is a necessity for patient and consumer regimen compliance in these type of products, because all of these methods require for the consumer to taste the product without swallowing. Our R&D and formulation teams have extensive taste masking experience, having worked with some of the most difficult to mask ingredients and nutritional formulas. Our taste masking technology and expertise can become a very valuable feature for your products as a differentiation point and a patience compliance factor.

Taste Masking Formats

Our taste masking technology can be applied to a variety of products and formats, including:

  • Adult vitamins
  • Body building supplements
  • Children vitamins
  • Diet & Weight Loss supplements
  • Energy supplements
  • Herbal supplements
  • Natural & organic supplements
  • Probiotics
  • Senior vitamins and supplements
  • Sports nutrition
  • Vegan vitamins and supplements
  • Women’s vitamins

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