In a market of followers,
we help you stand out with
custom formulations that
are unique and loved
by your customers

Steps to completing a project with us:

Complete our project kickoff form (we aim to respond within 5 business days)

Our team will work with you to evaluate and provide an initial assessment based on the criteria below:

  • is the product already on the market or a new concept?
  • how differentiated does the product need to be?
  • how feasible is it from a development and manufacturing perspective?
  • what marketing channels is the product intended for?
  • is your market domestic or international?

(If the project is not a fit we’ll let you know why, and sometimes give suggestions on what you might consider moving forward)

Our team of formulation scientists will work with you to create a feasible product formula at the lab scale, which usually results in a small sample of prototypes

(An R&D fee and/or manufacturing pilot study may be required depending on complexity)

Once we have a product ready to manufacture our typical lead time is 8-10 weeks from the time a Purchase Order is placed

(timeline is dependent on raw material availability, other factors, and can be reduced for future orders with adequate projections)

Solara handles the entire process, including procurement of ingredients and raw materials, manufacturing the finished product, packaging and testing the finished product, and making it ready for shipment to e-commerce or retail distribution locations.